Unscheduled care

The unscheduled care project aimed to ensure that when someone had a need for unscheduled care or advice he or she (or a parent or carer) knew who to contact or where to go, they would receive a prompt and rigorous assessment of their needs and received the right response to meet it.

It aimed to better meet patientsā€™ urgent care needs, improve access and choice through more convenient options for care and help to make services more cohesive so that care is better coordinated and the system of care is less complex.

We developed a commissioning toolkit to support PCTs in commissioning consistent care models across London. This included case studies of good and better practice, guidance on commissioning urgent care centres and guidance on governance arrangements for urgent care provision.

We have also produced guidance to take into account the role of polysystems in providing unscheduled care in the community.

In the current transitional phase NHS London areĀ assessing how best to pilot and evaluate a single point of telephone access (for urgent but non-emergency calls) in an area of London.