Models of care project

The models of care for Londoners with long term mental health conditions or experiencing a mental health crisis were launched on 23 June 2011.

In consultation with a wide range of interested parties, including service users,  carers, primary and secondary care clinicians, social care and providers, new models of care help people get help in the right place at the right time from the right people. Coordinated care between all providers means the health and social needs of people with mental health conditions are met quickly and appropriately.

The models of care will ensure Londoners receive support of a consistently high standard to promote their recovery. Traditional mental health services have not built themselves around the needs of people, and investment – although higher than other regions, is variable and does not guarantee better outcomes. The recommendations do not propose new services; they seek to refocus existing services and strengthen the way different parts of the NHS currently work together and with the range of other agencies to help people.

Services will encourage recovery so those who no longer require specialist help can manage their own mental health with support from primary care and other organisations. This will free up the capacity of mental health professionals to help those that need it most and to build resilience in people with mental health conditions.

PCT clusters will lead implementation at a local level to reflect their needs and available resources, building on existing good practice.