Translated self help IAPT materials

Some groups that are at a higher risk of developing mental health problems are less likely to self-refer or be referred to psychological therapy services.  Barriers to people using psychological therapies include:

  • Lack of understanding of the value and effectiveness of therapy
  • Language, including the use of particular terms such as ‘talking therapies’. Some individuals can feel that they receive ‘talking therapies’ from their friends or family.
  • Stigma of mental health problems and use of mental health services
  • Individualist nature of some therapies, which preclude family members or carers
  • Religion or belief does not always form part of therapy
  • Access and referral processes  

To help improve accessibility, the following translated self help materials have been produced in the nine most common, non English languages spoken in London for use by IAPT services. These resources have been made publically available for services to use with kind permission from Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust.


Depression A5 2010            PANIC ATTACK A5_2010    Stress and worry A5 2010 


Depression 2012 Arabic final     PANIC ATTACK 2012 Arabic final   Stress and worry 2012 Arabic final


Depression 2012 Bengali final  PANIC ATTACK 2012 Bengali final   Stress and worry 2012 Bengali final


Depression 2012 Farsi final  PANIC ATTACK 2012 Farsi Final   Stress_and_Worry Farsi 2012 FINAL


Depression 2012 French final  PANIC ATTACK 2012 French final   Stress and worry 2012 French final


Depression 2012 Hindi final   PANIC ATTACK 2012 Hindi final   Stress and worry 2012 Hindi final


Depression 2012 Punjabi final   PANIC ATTACK 2012 Punjabi final   Stress and worry 2012 Punjabi final


Depression 2012 Somali final   PANIC ATTACK 2012 Somali final   Stress and worry 2012 Somali final


Depression 2012 Turkish final   PANIC ATTACK 2012 Turkish final   Stress and worry 2012 Turkish final


Depression 2012 Urdu final   PANIC ATTACK 2012 Urdu final   Stress and worry 2012 Urdu final