London IAPT LTC/MUS network

In January 2012, the Department of Health awarded funding following a competitive process to 15 IAPT sites across England to develop their services to improve access to psychological therapies for people with a long term condition (LTC) or medically unexplained symptom (MUS). In order to share the learning from the four London pathfinder sites (Camden and Islington, Newham, Southwark/Bexley and Haringey, Enfield and Barnet) a network has been established consisting of senior clinicians from IAPT sites across London. The current membership stands at 40 people from 19 sites.


Other IAPT sites across London have also been improving access to their services for LTC/MUS patient groups, and many of these sites also sit on the London LTC/MUS network.

Below is a list of the examples of good practice along with a link to each of the documents that have already been shared within the network.

Shared documents and other information

COPD Manual excerpt, The COPD Breathlessness Manual presentation and COPD Breathlessness Manual – further information: Guided self-help COPD manual developed by Simon Dupont and Claire Howard at Hillingdon Hospital.

Dont panic alone pick up the phone: a workbook for for people with low mood and anxiety linked to COPD, developed by colleagues at Northamptonshire NHS Trust.

Feel the fear and do it anyway: a workbook for people with low mood and anxiety linked to stroke, developed by colleagues at Northamptonshire NHS Trust.

Moving Forward – Coping with Persistent Physical Symptoms: a guided self-help approach to coping with persistent physical symptoms that have not been helped by treatment, developed by the Changing Minds Centre.

Moving Forward – Overcoming Sleep Problems: a workbook to help people manage their sleep, developed by the Changing Minds Centre.

Further training programmes are also available online for a fee on the Changing Minds website:

10 minute CBT e-brochure: As part of their IAPT pathfinder project, Southwark and Bexley have been delivering a training package on CBT skills for primary care staff (GPs, nurses, health visitors, and allied health professionals such as OTs and physios) called ‘10 Minute CBT’. Southwark and Bexley staff have received training on 10 Minute CBT and have since been disseminating this to healthcare professionals in a range of settings. The aim is to improve psychological awareness and CBT-based communication skills in primary care teams, leading to improved management of patients, collaboration with psychological services and more appropriate referrals. This training has been shown in some settings to improve patient self-efficacy and has received high satisfaction ratings from staff attending workshops. Sites wishing to find out more can visit the website: If sites would like to train healthcare professionals in their boroughs, then 10 Minute CBT can either a) provide trainers or b) offer a training package to IAPT staff who can then train healthcare professionals in turn (a ‘train the trainers’ package).