Children and young people

As a unique and important group in London, children and young people have a range of special healthcare needs. The level of cohesiveness in London’s healthcare system plays a major role in being able to respond to these needs with high quality and safe services at every level.

A small number of very ill children need specialised hospital care, however there is generally an overuse of urgent care services like A&E for illnesses that would be better treated in the community.

To improve care for children and young people, the following key areas formed the basis of the review:

  • Provide care locally where possible, and centralise where necessary
  • Improve integration of services in the community
  • Ensure safe and high-quality services for children needing hospital care
  • Ensure that specialist services are provided cohesively

By building or strengthening existing networks, options for new ways of improving service delivery, care pathways and tackling key health problems can emerge. This will ensure greater benefits to children and young people’s health, now and into the future.

The final report of the London Children and Young People Pathway Group set out a series of recommendations for improving the health of children and young people in London. These recommendations were endorsed by London’s primary care trusts and the project focused on two separate workstreams:

  • Primary, community and acute services (completed by Healthcare for London)
  • Specialist services (completed by Commissioning Support for London)