London and South East England specialised burns project

Although severe burn injury affects only a small number of adults and children each year, these people can have very complex and ongoing care needs. To ensure that their injuries are treated appropriately and to achieve the best outcomes, they need to be cared for by a team of specialist staff who have access to the appropriate resources.

Over the last ten years, several reviews have made recommendations to improve specialised burn care services, including the development of national burn care standards. These recommendations have never been fully implemented in London and South East England.

The London Specialised Commissioning Group (SCG) run the London and South East England specialised burns commissioning consortium on behalf of South East Coast, South Central and East of England SCGs. The consortium decides what specialised burns services are needed in London and South East England, procures and monitors them.

The four SCGs have commissioned this project to identify whether specialised burn services in the area need to change, and how they should be delivered. The project aims to ensure that services are clinically and financially sustainable, while providing the best possible patient care and outcomes.

We are leading this work programme for London and South East England, and are supported by:

  • Robert Creighton, Transitional Director, London Public Health, is the Senior Responsible Officer for the project
  • Ken Dunn, Consultant Surgeon in Burns and Plastic Surgery, University Hospital South Manchester, and chair of the clinical expert panel
  • Clinical expert panel members, consisting of surgeons, therapists and nursing staff
  • Nathan Hall, National Burns Programme Lead
  • Henrietta Spalding, Public and Patient Engagement Lead, Changing Faces
  • Specialised commissioning leads, and members of the London and South East Burns Network team.