Individual commissioning competencies

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Individual commissioning competencies provide an important resource.

Here we have mapped the organisational world class commissioning competencies into individual commissioner competencies. As part of the world class commissioning agenda, these will support commissioners in improving their own individual competence, which will then improve health and healthcare in London

The format has been developed in a way that can be used by commissioners to understand the skills and knowledge they need to be world class. Using this handbook will enable them to assess what level they are currently working at, review their development needs, and then seek support available to them in those particular areas.




This work has been developed with significant reference and input from specialists in the field. Chief executives, directors of commissioning, healthcare academics and a range of experts have provided invaluable contributions to make this a robust and reliable working document.

The competencies have been developed with direct reference to the commissioning cycle. Each stage in the cycle has been analysed and the skills and knowledge required at that stage have been established. The competencies are descriptors of the skills and knowledge required at each level.