Healthcare for London

In December 2006, NHS London (the Strategic Health Authority for London) asked Professor Lord Darzi to develop a strategy to meet Londoners’ health needs over the next five to ten years. Lord Darzi identified eight reasons why the time was right for a coordinated programme of change across London:

  • The need to improve Londoners’ health
  • The NHS is not meeting Londoners’ expectations
  • One city, but big inequalities in health and healthcare
  • The hospital is not always the answer
  • The need for more specialised care
  • London should be at the cutting edge of medicine
  • Not using our workforce and buildings effectively
  • Making the best use of taxpayers’ money

The Healthcare for London programme was based on five principles published in A Framework for Action and took forward pan-London programmes designed to improve outcomes and quality.

Healthcare for London ran the biggest healthcare consultation ever conducted in the capital. Consulting the Capital ran from November 2007 to March 2008 and received over 5,000 responses from individuals and organisations, including a huge number of responses from traditionally under-represented groups.

The consultation responses helped to decide which elements of A Framework for Action to progress, and a range of projects were set up to take the work forward. A number of these were completed, including changes to stroke and major trauma which are already saving hundreds of lives.

The consultation on improving London’s stroke and major trauma services was carried out in early 2009 and ended on 8 May 2009.

As part of the Healthcare for London programme, a public consultation was held between November 2009 and March 2010 to hear people’s views on our ideas for providing better healthcare in north-east London.

The Healthcare for London strategy was discontinued after the change of government in May 2010.  A number of pan-London NHS programmes remained and are detailed on this website, which also includes archive information about the Healthcare for London programme.