Health Intelligence

Health needs assessment

The health needs assessment toolkit is designed to support London’s commissioners with their health intelligence requirements. It sources, analyses and presents routine data to enable commissioning organisations to more effectively use local knowledge, expertise and insight.

The toolkit provides information for more than 200 indicators of health needs. Outputs are provided in a variety of formats, including charts, maps and data tables, all with comprehensive metadata. Data is provided at various geographies, ranging from areas smaller than electoral wards to local authorities and clusters. London and England benchmarks are provided for all indicators.

The tool is publicly available and accessible for anyone involved in strategic needs assessment. Our factsheet gives more information Health Needs Assessment factsheet

Pathway intelligence profiles

A series of pathway intelligence profiles, including stroke and COPD, have been developed to complement the HNA toolkit.

The latest maternity profiles for London show a comprehensive local maternity picture for each London borough. This information can be used to by policy makers and commissioners to plan and deliver services targetting the local needs of mothers and babies in the capital.

NHS Commissiong Support for London also developed COPD health investment packs for each PCT in London.

London Health Observatory

The London Health Observatory brings together public health skills and knowledge about London, helping policy makers and practitioners improve frontline services. The LHO were also shortlisted for the 2009 HSJ awards (commissioning section).