About Us

As from 31 March 2013, London Health Programmes closes as a separate NHS organisation.

To allow continued access to LHP information and publications the website will be archived at the British Library and remain available to view but content will not be changed or updated after 31 March 2013

We’d like to thank all the organisations that have funded and supported us over the past two years.

Even though the organisation will cease, some of our functions and work will continue; located in the following new organisations with responsibility for improving health in London

  • Quality and safety programme                            
    NHS Commissioning Board, London region
  • Cancer prevention and early detection              
    NHS Commissioning Board, London region
  • London Health Observatory, health intelligence and data analysis
    Public Health England
  • NHS travel network                                    
    Transport for London (tbc)
  • Behaviour change projects                                   
    No confirmed location as at 19 Feb 2013
  • Commissioning of Find and Treat TB service 
    North and East London Commissioning Support Unit
  • Regional IAPT programme
    • clinical assurance and pan-London recruitment  transfers to UCL
    • coordination of children and young people’s IAPT will continue with Anna Freud Centre
    • IAPT performance  transfers to NHS Commissioning Board, London region
    • local clinical commissioning groups will be responsible for commissioning of IAPT services
  • Mental health and employment
    UCL will be responsible for the management of the London board and delivery of 2012/13 programme
  • MH Payment by Results    
    Local commissioning groups and commissioning support services